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Zapi started the development of dc electronic power steering systems for lift truck applications in 1992. For special applications please contact the nearest zapi service centre. I also wanted to know if this controller could be used and tested with a 72 volt pack. The zapimos chopper family is the solution offered by zapi to meet the users requirements in the 90s. The epsac system reflects zapis experience in the initial dc products together with state of the art asynchronous technology. Curtis 1232se5321 controller hangcha linde noblelift kinglift heli mima baoli liftstar lonking xilin ep jialift controller curtis controller. Below is a table that shows which possible alarms may have occurred in relation to the number of flashes you count on the led.

Our worldclass product development and manufacturing capability bring industry changing quality and performance to the equipment that makes the world work. Curtis 14 4402 pc programmer with 9 usb interface box. Zapi ac controllers offer enhancements in vehicle control, operation, performance and efficiency. Electrofit zapi ltd, telford, unit 2, halesfield 17, zapi is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of electronic controls for electric powered vehicles electrofit zapi, provides a full range of servic. In line with reorganizing its business activities, zapi france office has been relocated. They must be tightened on controller power posts with a torque of 15 the ace2 module should only be connected to a traction battery. There is not a time limit for the rental, you may rent it for as long as you need it. To be able to correctly set a new controller as a replacement for a faulty controller. The zapi drive control unit is equipped with a diagnosis connector. Utility, golf, shuttle bus, industrial, custom carts for sale utility, golf, shuttle bus, industrial, custom carts for sale. To be able to set parameters and perform calibrations.

Controller, zapi ace 2 250a varley electric vehicles. Zapi controllers are made in italy, and operate silently at 18 khz. Content understanding the functioning of the common zapi controllers h2, combi sem1, ac2, dualac2. Page 62 lc the module isnt ready locked in an alarm state. They are one of the few currently available controllers that features regenerative braking. There are no userserviceable parts in the zapi controller. Zapi digital console handheld programmer handset for zapi h0. The dualpmx inverter is a controller suitable for twin pm motors applications.

Eps ac steering controller steer by wire controller for ac steering motors epsac. Service manual minuteman and powerboss technical manuals. If the truck starts to drive but then stops and presents code al6, replace controller. Digital command control dcc is a standard for a system to operate model railways digitally. Il sistema epsac riporta le esperienze zapi iniziate con il prodotti dc insieme allo sviluppo della tecnologia asincrona. As a pioneer of ac motor controller technology, zapi has 15 years of experience in developing a full line of ac controllers. Controller safety warning the zapi controllers can hold an electrical charge for several minutes after the key switch has been.

While electronic controllers represent zapis core business, the zapi group also includes other dedicated companies such as zivan specialized in high frequency battery chargers, ztp specific for joysticks and data loggers as well as providing service on zapi products, best motor electric motors and since july 2012 schabmuller, a major german motor manufacturer. Zapi ac2 manual electromagnetic compatibility power inverter. If the alarm is signalled when the controller is cold. Zapi digital console handheld programmer for zapi h0 h2b sem ac2 ac motor controller digital console zapi controllers all have a serial output that is able to. Hi all, i am new here, i have one zapi controller having model n umber ac1ssl and need zapi pc console software to change parameters. Zapi motor controller parts accessories digital consoleid. Curtis 1232se5321 3648v 350a zapi controller curtis. Hangcha baoli xilin heli ep noblelift lonking maximal 23t forklift foot accelerator comesys fz3152341. View product details of zapi motor controller parts accessories digital console from dawn electric vehicle co. Zapi is prepared to provide products specifically suited to any application. Microsoft powerpoint zapi event nov2016 api connect v1. No attempt should be made to open, repair, or otherwise modify the controller. To ensure that the product remain on the market for a sufficiently long period of time without running the risk of becoming technically obsolete, zapi has designed the zapimos family which features the following specifications.

Flight systems industrial products distributes zapi handsets that are used for yale, hyster, clark, caterpillar and crown. Confirm battery is connected and of proper voltage. The extra complexity comes in as a result of adding regenerative braking to a series wound motor. Welcome to zapi zapi inc usa the zapi group is a tier. New console handheld programmer for curtis zapi h0 h2b dual ac2 motor control. Zapi handsets are specific to the vehicle manufacturer of the vehicle and or control that is being worked on. Zapi digital console handheld programmer for zapi h0 h2b sem ac2 ac motor controller. Need zapi pc console software for zapi ac1ssl controller.

Here is a diagram of wiring changes to my previous schematic needed for installing the zapi h3 controller. Doing so may damage the controller and will void the warranty. The ace0 inverter is suitable for pedestrian, small. I have a zapi h3 controller and wanted to ask if any one here knows if this controller can be set up and used as a normal controller with out setting up the regen. If the regen braking contactor start is synchronous with the accelerator control, do as follows. Whether you need high speed, high torque, or both, inmotion has the capability to be your goto partner.

The ac0 controller fits every application from the overbelt of an airport beltloader to the traction of a zeroturn lawn mower. Same as above but with zapi patented sensorlesssense coil control algorithm to be used with encoderless ac motor. Controller sterzo eps ac il controllo sterzo steer by wire eps ac e applicabile a motori sterzo con potenza da 200w a 1 kw. Zapi controllers all have a serial output that is able to communicate with the external systems, such as personal computers. Do not connect chopper to a battery whose nominal voltage is different from that outlined on h0 board. Zapi smart console, programming handset, model fc2463 support external usb flash memory driver, handheld programmer for h0 h2b sem ac2 controllers. The encoder resolution and the motor poles pair the controller. Fault diagnosis and setting of the common zapi motor controllers h2, sem2, ac1. The ppc controller has been designed to vary the speed of the pump motor in applications such as aerial platforms, scissorslifts and boomlifts, with hydraulic traction motors.

Supplying domestic 200a 24v ac motor controller 1230 replacing curtis 1230. As such, it is important to know the vehicle and or part number of the zapi controller. Inmotions experience in developing custom motor solutions includes a variety of success stories. Atech antriebstechnik gmbh is one of the leading companies in the development and equipping of batterypowered industrial vehicles, airport prefield equipment, pitch systems for wind power and many other areas.

Zapi digital console handheld programmer for zapi h0 h2b sem ac2 ac motor controller digital console zapi controllers all have a serial output that is able to communicate with the external systems, such as. These units feature a multiplex communication platform, with unmatched flexibility. China zapi ac motor controller ace2 china zapi controller. Zapi ha iniziato lo sviluppo del sistema del controllo del servosterzo nel 1992. Due to the need of enforcing the sales team of zapi shanghai, which expanding business is rapidly growing, the office has be. Id like to test out this controller without having to buy more batteries at this time. Doclive free unlimited document files search and download. The zapi project is supported by the innovative medecin initiative joint undertaking imi ju under grant agreement n 115760, resources of which are composed of financial contribution from the european unions seventh framework program fp7200720 and efpia companies in kind contribution. We reman a fc2125 controller but there is no code al 79 in the hysteryale manual for that controller. The top countries of supplier is china, from which the percentage of zapi controller supply is 100% respectively. Leoch traction lead batteries, battery charger supplier.

Le063xf dcc decoder manual for atlas n scale locomotivespdf. The h0 or h0p is suitable for applications with dc serieswound motors from 0. Our group of companies deliver nearly one million motor controllers. A wide variety of zapi controller options are available to you, there are 894 suppliers who sells zapi controller on, mainly located in asia. There is no need to pay for more controller than you really need. It has also been successfully implemented to drive baggage belts and burnishing pads. Decoding diagnostic led alarm codes for h2 traction controllers the diagnostic led found on the controller may be used to give a general indication of what the problem may be with the traction system. Custom motors motors to match your demanding application. Dash display controller led handset or pc condition al6 6 flashes high field curr, bw high fld curr, fw high fld curr high field current values measured by. Zapi fc2360 fc2463 smart console handsets programming for zapi h0. Good quality leoch traction lead batteries, battery charger, curtis controller from china dawn electric vehicle co. In the same package the following functions are fitted. Important global manufacturers expand their electric product lin.

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